Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos Removal Works Supervision

Sometimes removal is the best or only option, and we will tell you if this is the case. We will then work with you to develop a timetable and budget for removal, and go on to manage the removal process for you.

This includes preparing a removal specification and seeking quotes for the work, validating responses to ensure appropriate and safe methods of work, overseeing works on site and providing the Certificate of Re-Occupation as your proof of a job completed safely and to the required standards. This service falls within the scope of UKAS accreditation.

Tersus can employ pre-qualified, licensed asbestos removal companies, from our approved list, to undertake removal and treatment work on your behalf or work with our clients approved removals contractor.  We can prepare the specification, validate method statements and ensure the works are carried out in accordance with current legislation and guidance. We can manage removals from cradle to grave ensuring that you remain compliant at all times and that works are carried out to the highest standard for the protection of your company and your staff.

Updating your database

Where we are involved from beginning to end with your asbestos management, it is a simple step to update your database following any removals. This ensures that you and your staff are always viewing the most up to date information onlin