Social housing

Tersus currently works in conjunction with over 70 local authorities and registered social landlords to help them to maintain their housing stock. We provide specialist surveying services to help identify asbestos containing materials within the homes and prepare management plans and policies to help maintain these materials both physical and legal standpoint.

We understand that void properties are costly to our customers. Both potential revenue generation and services to potential tenants are affected every day a property stands empty. Accordingly we are able to plan and carry out the required work quickly, safely and to a first class quality standard.

We provide clear, easy to understand asbestos reports, and annual asbestos checks in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We collate our client’s asbestos information into a database format and where necessary carry out routine maintenance works on asbestos products.

The Tersus team of surveyors and dedicated tenant liaison staff ensure residents are consistently informed of access times and are available as the central point of communication for customers and tenants.

Every member of the Tersus tenant-facing team has been DBS checked, and will be every 24 months to provide ongoing confidence and peace of mind.

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